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Precautions that you need to take to ensure your kid doesn t fall sick this monsoon

Indians love the monsoons. After the stifling heat of summer, the rains come as a welcome relief. And as the dreary brown landscape transforms into lush greenery, your moods perk up too. Babies also look upon their first monsoon with awe and joy. However, it is important that your child is well protected while introducing them to nature. Here are some precautions to take while enjoying the monsoon with your little ones:


1. Food: Monsoon is a time when the prevalence of food and water-borne diseases is high. It takes only an hour for food at room temperature to be contaminated by rapidly multiplying fungi and bacteria. Adults can usually cope due to their developed immune system, but it is difficult for very young children to do so. Ensure that they eat food hot (as soon as it’s prepared) and watch the water they drink. It should be filtered or boiled, and one should always carry some safe water while going out.


2. Mosquitoes: Unfortunately, monsoon season is also mosquito season. Mosquitoes transmit malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and other diseases and the likelihood of infection is high if you don’t take adequate precautions. Applying four dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on their clothes is enough to deter even the hungriest mosquito from feeding off your little one. Not only does this work against mosquitoes, it offers protection from other pesky insects as well. So, say goodbye to itches, rashes, and allergic reactions.


3. Clothing: It is important to ensure adequate protection for your children from the rain during the monsoon. Always have a raincoat and an umbrella handy when going out with kids. Even a single exposure to rain can cause children with weak immunity to develop fever. Wearing damp clothes for a long period can result in a rash, so this should be avoided. Carry a small towel so that the child can be wiped dry after a rainy spell.


4. Medicines: Keep some medicine handy in case your child catches something. Stock up on medicine for fever, cold, and diarrhoea, as these are the most common ailments children suffer from during the monsoon. Having common medicines at hand will allow you to start treating your child immediately, resulting in a much faster recovery for them – and for you.


5. Immunity: It is important to ensure that your children eat healthy, exercise adequately, and sleep well during the monsoons. These activities serve to strengthen their immune system and help ward off ailments. Use some external boosters as well – such as a good baby oil to keep their skin hydrated and apply a dab of Goodknight Fabric Roll-Onon their garments as a precaution against mosquitoes. Above all, keep them dry and sheltered always.

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