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Tata Says Reports Of Ferrocyanide In Its Salt Baseless

Tata Salt on Sunday reiterated that the claims made earlier by an individual regarding presence of potassium ferrocyanide in its salt were “completely false and baseless”.

According to Shiv Shankar Gupta, Chairman of Godhum Grains & Farms Products, the test by American West Analytical Laboratories has revealed that potassium ferrocyanide levels are an alarmingly high in Sambhar Refined Salt at 4.71 mg/kg, at 1.85 mg/kg in Tata Salt and 1.90 mg/kg in Tata Salt Lite. Tata Salt in an official statement however claimed that the recent allegations made against the purity and health benefits of Tata Salt are totally false and misleading and being made by vested interests.

“Further to the earlier statement from dated June 26, 2019, Tata Salt would like to inform that when contacted, the West American Analytical Lab confirmed that the statements made in the media in India or anywhere else about Indian table salts and its contents being harmful for consumption were not the opinion of the lab,” read a statement issued by the Tata Salt on Sunday.

It further said, “It is fraudulent to infer that The American West Analytical Labs put out an opinion on the levels of potassium ferrocyanide in the Indian salt samples. The lab did not offer any opinions or make any statements about products submitted to their laboratory for analysis.”

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